Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mad Ads!

Its irritating enough to have your TV shows ( the ones that are still sane enough to qualify as not-so-bad-a-timepass, and unfortunately are very rare these days, but well, that's a completely different story) interrupted by advertisements every 10 minutes, what's worse is the fact that most ads are becoming absolutely senseless these days. More often than not, the same ad is aired at least 3 times within a span of one commercial break and by the end of it you'd rather switch channels or turn off the idiot box. Here's my list of mad ads doing the rounds lately : : A wife wakes up in the middle of the night to find herself buried under a huge pile of photographs. She turns to her husband to scream at him for not managing his photo albums well, only to find a balti (which by the way, is hindi for a bucket) lying next to her. So, don't be a balti! Manage your photographs online on

(Eh? What?)
Parle Milano : Hrithik Roshan's boss is not happy with his baking skills and locks him up in the bakery for the night so he may come up with something good. While he's trying to figure out what to do, a woman blind-folds him from behind and offers to show him how to make it (and also in the process...well, I don't think I'll give graphic details ;)) The batter is put in the oven and finally they kiss. Next morning, Hrithik's boss is very pleased with the batch of biscuits that have been made and asks him to bake him the same biscuits every night. Hrithik is delighted and he agrees. There's a secret behind every milano!

(I think I lost it somewhere.Was it about Hrithik Roshan's secret romance?Oh no, wait! It was about the biscuit! *dazed*)
Pond's : Part 1 -Priyanka Chopra & Saif Ali Khan break up and walk away in opposite directions. Three years later Priyanka spots Saif with Neha Dhupia in his arms. She's heart-broken and doesn't know what to do. She takes refuge in a Pond's skin whitening cream and emerges all fair and beautiful in a week. Kabhi Kabhi Pyar Mein...
Part 2- The engagement ring that Saif gets for Neha doesn't fit. She's pissed off and dumps him. He goes to a flower shop to buy a bouquet to appease her only to find Priyanka there. He's stunned at her beauty but doesn't say anything. After he leaves, Priyanka is confused about whether or not she still loves him and stares at the "I still Love you" SMS she's typed in her mobile.
Part 3 : Yet to be aired

(Was that a movie trailer being shown in parts? And where did Pond's figure here? Oh yeah! it made the former Ms. World stunningly beautiful! I kinda forgot part 1 after part 2 started coming on air *grin*)
Pepsi : Ranbir Kapoor desperately wants to meet Deepika Padukone (who's being guarded against him by uncle Shahrukh *desperately trying to supress laughter*) and so tries climb up the house wall only to end up as a wreck in the bushes below. When the uncle finds him and questions him about his identity, Ranbir looks at the book on U.F.Os in the uncle's hand and then at a half lit neon sign on the street that reads "istan" and decides to introduce himself as an alien from youngistan who's landed on earth to protect the niece. S.R.K is delighted and decides that Ranbir would henceforth live with Deepika.The niece is shocked and asks Ranbir how he managed it, who grabs a pepsi can and says "Yeh hai youngistan meri jaan"

(*desperately trying to supress laughter* Where do they get such ideas?!)
I could go on and on with the list, but I think I'll stop here. I'll say there are a couple of ads that ARE decent and have something to do with what they sell (the Hutch ad for example, of course the thing about how happy they are to serve us is completely false but that again is another story). I'd rather watch my collection of pre-recorded TV series and movies than turn on the idiot box these days!

Credits : An extremely frustrating and jobless afternoon, Youtube for some ad ideas and of course to John Logie Baird for the idiot box.


Hari said...

Parle Milano eh? (Makes a mental note.)

I hope my boss is a woman.

Hema Hariharan said...

@ Srihari : :D Good luck with that! ;) :D

me said...

Hey,u missed the retort that pepsi ad got from sprite.There are SRK,Deepika and Ranbir look alikes.Similar scene,the UFO guy falls off or something and the Sprite Holding protogonist tells the SRK look-alike that he wants to meet Deepika and he lets him in.And the caption is something about being Honest.or sprite always right!!

Hema Hariharan said...

@Sowmya : Yeah that's another irritating thing. When ads are spoofs of other ads! :-/